Dark Kings Return

In the Neolithic Man invented agriculture, domesticating plants and animals for his use and sustenance. He proved very successful in this, and soon burgeoned in population. Soon enough the phaeree races—-the elves, dwarfs, alfen, alfar, gnomes, goblins, drow, even the otherwise human slaugh—-saw themselves as threatened by these new farmers, and fought hard against their encroachment. In time they decided that a new world was needed, so they fled to the realm we call Phaeree, there to dwell free of humanity’s threat.

However Phaeree proved perilous in its own right, threatening the existence of the fay, by making the fay be more themselves than they really wanted to be. In time some fay saw Phaeree as being a threat to them and began to see a return to the world of their origin, the Aerth. as necessary for their survival. The gnomes have already come back, and their success among humanity is doing much to persuade the others to come back. But other fay races fight against this, and on Phaeree different peoples struggle amongst themselves regarding the return.

But how are the humans going to take the return of elf and drow, goblin and dwarf? Will they integrate peacefully as the gnomes have done, well they try to conquer humanity, or well there be an ongoing war in only a few, or one race, survive.

That is When Dark Kings Return, a Mythus campaign set on the world of Aerth. A face to face game with an online presence, and encouragement for backstory and persona secrets. Hope to see you there.

Dark Kings Return

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