The London Docks

Please note, I haven’t had a look at real world maps of 16th century London yet, so I’m not too sure as to where the docks of Aerth’s London should be located. Don’t worry, I’ll find a location or two. That said, here’s a brief discussion of said docks.

In Aerth’s London the Docks are where the traffic of the North Atlantl Ocean meets to trade, to visit, to connive. Most anything can be found here; bought, sold, traded here. French merchants, Helvetican gnomes, Ships from Benin, Heliotep, and Falcondonia. Delegations from Iroquia (sic) and Neustria, The Ivory Coast and Hy Braesal.

The Docks are also home to numberous small shrines, dedicated to the gods of the Kelltic pantheon, from Bran the wise and Mananan Mac Lyr, to obscure deities dedicated to riddles, puns, dance, and tall tales.

Dress is very much 16th century England, but with more of a Celtic feel to it. The langauge most often spoken is Brythonic, though Trade Phoenecian is heard everywhere, and phrases from as lands as far away as Sung and Panay Sulu can be heard.

Those are the Docks, where adventure awaits.

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The London Docks

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