The Shaky Kraken

On the west coast of A-tlan-tl there is a small fishing village of no real renown. North of that village is a bar known as The Shaky Kraken. That’s not its real name.

It’s real name is The Kraken. On the sign above the front door is a picture of a kraken, tentacles dragging down an A-tlan-tlan ship. It’s a popular saloon. It’s a poorly constructed saloon, according to legend, built by a man drunk on his rump. So whenever anybody’s inside, the place shakes. So everybody calls it The Shaky Kraken.

That’s not what The Shaky Kraken is notable for.

The A-tlan-tlan worship a set of gods who are utterly fascinated by cephalopods. Which is to say, the A-tlan-tlan deities love squids and octopuses. As long as the inhabitans of the isle of A-tlan-tl take proper care of their cephalopod neighbors, things work out for them. Which means that most, but not all, species of octopus are not hunted. So the octopuses living in the waters surrounding At-tlan-tl are quite used to people and have no fear of them. In fact, many local octopuses go so far as to actually live with local humans.

That leads us to the mascot of The Shaky Kraken, a small “night sky” octopus (“night sky” because the species looks like a bit of the night sky, complete with stars, come down to Aerth). This particular octopus is considered a good luck charm, and is well known as a practicing mage.

Some people don’t believe this. How could an octopus be a mage they ask. The last group to ask what night sky octopus tasted like became ancestors to a thriving colony of carp now inhabiting a lagoon situated between the bar and the ocean. Would be thieves tend to avoid the place, saying there’s something not right about it. And the last person to try to cause trouble was a sailor from Leon who, when he grabbed for the mollusc (to swing him about in a menacing fashion), found himself transported to the east side of the island without traversing the terrain inbetween. (A-tlan-tl we must note is an island somewhat larger than Albion, which is about the size of Earth’s England.)

Being under the protection of a mage means The Shaky Kraken is not bothered by ruffians of any sort. How the octopus got to be a mage is a question that engenders much speculation, which the octopus has yet to address. Rumor has it that he is a scout for a secret octopus civilization preparing to conquer the world. When asked the gods of A-tlan-tl just snicker a lot and talk about certain people with ill concealed giggles.

And that is The Shaky Kraken and its mascot.

The Shaky Kraken

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